Pinkstone Playground Weavings

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Tendril Productions produced and production managed the creation and installation of two giant weavings in Pinkstone Playground (Erskineville NSW) for Reef Knot. Commissioned by City of Sydney, these permanent artworks are presented as an alternative to standard playground equipment. Taking the form of a nest and a coccoon, the weavings took nine months to complete in situ with the assistance of over a dozen weavers. The artworks are created from brushwood, alang alang and hemp twine over a mild steel armature.

Director of production: Alasdair Nicol

Creative director: Michelle McCosker

Production & site assistance: Sonia Tsai & Chris Hancock

Weavers: Lucia Scurrah, Renata Field, Anthea Fitzgerald, Shrin Kunze, Olivia Lovell, Lucy Hall, Jesse Cox, Eloise Rapp, Kirsten McCosker, Hollie Liu, Belinda Sheekey, Ruby Langton-Batty, Prodita Sabarini and Laura Pike

Photography © 2012 Alasdair Nicol


Photography © 2012 Alasdair Nicol


Photography © 2012 Alasdair Nicol


Photography © 2012 Alasdair Nicol

I ♥ Kings Cross
Art & About 2009

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‘I ♥ Kings Cross’ by Reef Knot was a community-focused art project commissioned by City of Sydney as part of Art & About 2009 and installed across multiple locations in Sydney’s Kings Cross. The project entailed the co-ordination of approximately 25 knitting workshops, co-ordination of six local business partners and a grass-roots publicity campaign. The resulting artwork displayed the creative contributions of over 200 participants from children through to senior citizens, naval officers to architects. ‘I ♥ Kings Cross’ was the recipient of the 2009 Sydney Music Arts & Culture award for ‘Remixing the City’.

Creative director: Michelle McCosker

Producer, production manager: Alasdair Nicol (Tendril Productions)

Ficus, Fitzroy Gardens. Photography © 2009 Matthew Venables.

Fitzroy Gardens knits. Photography © 2009 Matthew Venables.

I Heart Kings Cross

I Heart Kings Cross police station. Photoraphy © 2009 Matthew Venables.

Fitzroy Garden palms. Photography © 2009 Matthew Venables.

Installing ficus, Fitzroy Gardens. Photography © 2009 Matthew Venables.

Martin Peacock installing knits in trees. Photography © 2009 Matthew Venables.

Haven’t seen enough pictures

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Tendril Productions has been weaving itself through myriad creative projects since 2003. If you haven’t seen enough pictures in our projects section you might want to visit some of the following sites.

The Ideas Farm is a new entity focusing on both commercial and artistic creativity. It takes over all the creative work previously attended to by Tendril Productions. For more information email the Ideas Farm.

Tendril Productions’ director, Alasdair Nicol, has for many years worked with Sydney-based creative powerhouse, Michelle McCosker. You can visit their online folio on The Loop. You can also visit Reef Knot for a selection of installations and public artworks created by Alasdair and Michelle. Tendril Productions has provided a full range of production services for Reef Knot’s projects since 2006.

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