Award winning projects

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We’re excited that some of the projects we’ve worked on have been acknowledged as having made an impact on the wider community.

In 2011, ‘Sydney Statues: Project!‘ was a finalist in the National Trust Heritage Awards’ ‘Adaptive Re-use – Corporate/Government’ category and ‘The Bike Bike’ has been nominated for an Australian Bicycling Achievement Award in the category of ‘Special Initiative or Event to Promote Cycling’. Tendril Productions produced ‘The Bike Bike’ and production managed ‘Sydney Statues: Project!’ and ‘The Bike Bike’.

In 2010, Art & About Sydney won a Sydney Music Arts & Culture (SMAC) award in the ‘Remix the City’ category for artworks including ‘Sydney Statues: Project!‘, ‘Oh, Alfred!‘ and the Laneways Art Project. Tendril Productions production managed the ‘Sydney Statues: Project!’ for Michelle McCosker and The Occasional Collective.

In 2009, Reef Knot won a Sydney Music Arts & Culture (SMAC) award in the ‘Remix the City’ category for it’s community-focused guerilla knitting installation ‘I Heart Kings Cross‘ commissioned by City of Sydney for Art & About. Tendril Productions produced and production managed ‘I Heart Kings Cross’.


Sydney Statues: Project!
Art & About Sydney 2010

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‘Sydney Statues: Project!’ re-awakened eight of Sydney CBD’s heritage statues for a contemporary audience as part of City of Sydney’s Art & About Sydney 2010. Inspired by the colourful art clothing scene of the 70s and 80s it brought textile artists and designers together spanning three decades of bold, flamboyant fashion to create clothing and accessories for the statues.

Creative director – Michelle McCosker
Producer – Imogen Semmler (The Occasional Collective)
Production manager – Alasdair Nicol (Tendril Productions)

Captain Cook – Ken Done, Eloise Rapp, Michelle McCosker, Helen McCosker, Bronwyn Bancroft
Queen Victoria (QVB) – Rachael Cassar, Michelle Mccosker, Kirsten McCosker, Liane Rossler
Queen Victoria (Queen’s Square) – Linda Jackson
Prince Albert – Jonathan James
William Bede Dalley – Biance Faye
Shakespeare – Alia Parker, Laura Pike, Susie Rugg
King Edward – Bronwyn Bancroft, Michelle McCosker, Popi Silk, Alex Dunwoodie
Il Porcelino – Zoe Mahony

Queen Victoria at QVB

Queen Victoria at QVB. Photography © 2010 Ann Daly.



Shakespeare Monument. Photography © 2010 Ann Daly


Captain Cook

Captain Cook. Photography © 2010 Matthew Venables.


Queen Victoria at Queen's Square

Queen Victoria at Queen's Square. Photography © 2010 Matthew Venables.


Prince Albert

Prince Albert. Photography © 2010 Matthew Venables.


William Bede Dalley

William Bede Dalley. Photography © 2010 Matthew Venables.


Il Porcellino

Il Porcellino. Photography © 2010 Ann Daly.

The Sky is Falling!
Live Lanes: By George! 2008

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A collaborative multi-arts installation by Reef Knot commissioned by City of Sydney as part of Live Lanes: By George! (2008 – 2009). The work was installed above the traffic line of Angel Place in the Sydney CBD. It featured a series of custom-designed inflatables suspending sculptures made from recycled materials and a multi-channel audio installation. Remaining installed throughout January, the work provided a backdrop for Sydney Festival First Night’s Uber Lingua stages.

Creative director: Michelle McCosker

Creative producer, production manager: Alasdair Nicol (Tendril Productions)

Artists: Michelle McCosker, Jesse Cox, Kirsten Bradley, Kate Burns, Louisa Dawson, Jim McVicar, Luke Crouch, Chris Hancock, Sofie Loizou

The Sky is Falling! Photography © 2008 Michelle McCosker


The Sky is Falling

The Sky is Falling! Photography © 2008 Matthew Venables.


The Sky is Falling

The Sky is Falling! Photography © 2008 Matthew Venables.

Documentation, planning & implementation

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We’ve had diverse experience documenting, planning and implementing exhibitions, public art and festivals of different shapes and flavours. Whether you’re looking for full service production support or just some of the services below, we are placed well to work with you on projects with particularly demanding and unusual requirements.

We can work with you to prepare and lodge Development Applications (DA). We’re familiar with working alongside artists, engineers and other stakeholders to collate all the necessary material and synthesising this into your final document. Where necessary, we can also prepare Statement of Heritage Impacts, Statement of Environmental Effects and Environmental Impact Statements that may need to be included in your DA.

Once the project is off the ground we can work with you to prepare the following documents in conjunction with major contractors to develop a safe work environment.

  • Risk Assessment (RA);
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS);
  • Emergency and evacuation procedures (EEP); and
  • OH&S plan

We also work with accredited contractors to develop traffic management plans.

We develop project specific production, installation and de-installation schedules based on your project’s requirements. These are flexible documents which are managed throughout the duration of your project.

To facilitate the smooth running of your project, we can work with you to obtain all necessary permissions and meet your consent obligations with building owners, emergency services, local transport authorities, car share organisations, local businesses, residents and car park operators and the placing of public notification requirements.

We continue to work with a large network of experienced providers to ensure we can implement your project. Our services include:

  • general project management;
  • liaison with major contractors including engineers, riggers and traffic management;
  • liaison with stakeholders;
  • negotiation and management of plant hire;
  • provision of site management for installation, de-installation and maintenance work as required; and
  • provision of installation crew as necessary.

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